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St Thomas Taxi and Tours. Your trip is booked and now you are questioning
sightseeing and exactly what to do in St. Thomas? You can check out a few of the parks
and reserves by taking a nature trip, or on a kayak trip. How about zip lining in St.
By using St Thomas taxi and St Thomas tours, you can find out about interesting
marine animals at Coral World. There is the butterfly garden, tramway to Paradise
Point, and the Botanical Gardens. Beautiful vistas are plentiful and an island drive
makes seeing them simple. Browse through capitals on St. Thomas Island for a stop at
Mountain Top; or down to the sea to the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Charlotte
Amalie. Charlotte Amalie is filled with history-- old churches, historic homes, view
towers and a fort! It is likewise the home of the winter season wonderland, Magic Ice.
Browse through popular locations like Frenchtown and Red Hook for a lunch break, or
a walk. Exactly what are you going to see on your St. Thomas trip?

Featured Attractions

· Butterfly Garden
· Tree Limin' Extreme Zipline Park
· Virgin Islands Ecotours
· Coral World Ocean Park
· And many more….

Most of the St Thomas Taxi and Tour Services Include:
· Flight terminal and Seaport Transfers (Includes Meet &.
· Greet Service).
· Transport to Convention Centers, Sporting Events, Concerts and other unique
· Offer Islands Tours, Beach Tours, Day/Night Out On The Town, Special
Occasions, Hotel Services, Weddings, Seaport/Airport Transfers, Dinner and
Group Transfers.

St Thomas Taxi Service

Taxis are a popular transportation selection for visitors to St. Thomas. While there
isn't really a basic type of taxi vehicle, the most popular are vans, open air safaris
(changed trucks; truck beds are tailored with bench seating in an open-air covered
location) and SUVs/cars. St. Thomas taxi cabs are not metered; rates are per person
and per location and are set by the VI Taxicab Division.

St. Thomas Taxi Tips

· Taxi cabs are often offered at the cruise liner docks when ships are in port, at
the airport, within the shopping district in down town Charlotte Amalie and
normally at large hotels and popular restaurants/bars.
· Certified taxi cars are labeled with: a taxi placard or dome light on the roofing,
license plates that show Taxi status, On Duty/Off Duty sign in the window of
the car and an indicator, normally on the fender, indicating traveler capability.
The motorist’s individual identification/taxi license needs to be on the
vehicles dash board.
· There are motorists that run "gypsy taxis" in their individual cars. They do not
follow the rules of the taxi commission and are use at your own threat. They
typically hustle outside bars and supermarket.
· Although rates are standardized it is advised that you talk with the motorist
and accept your overall rate (for you, your group, your baggage, waiting, trip)
prior to boarding the taxi.
· Lots of St Thomas taxis are multi-destination and some can carry
approximately 26 travelers. At the St Thomas airport in particular drivers will
often wait to fill their automobile prior to departing. You can pay additional
for an exclusive St Thomas taxi.
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St Thomas Taxi Service
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St Thomas Taxi and Tours
St Thomas Taxi and Tours
St Thomas Taxi
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